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In these times of growing uncertainty in the financial markets and in the (international) political arena, the need to protect themselves against this is increasing among investors. Gold and other precious metals have traditionally been the go to place for this. On this website you will find all information about how and where you can best buy and store your precious metal.

Why gold?

Gold has been a highly sought after and valued metal since time immemorial. It has been used as money and recognized as such for thousands of years. Central banks also usually keep large gold reserves as a kind of value reserve that they can rely on if people lose confidence in securities. In the worst case, a country can use its gold reserves to defend the value of its own currency or to import essential goods.

Gold is also a valuable addition to their investment portfolio for private investors. Gold is a stable anchor in uncertain times and has retained its value over the centuries. Gold is not subject to inflation like fiat currency is. In addition, if gold is held and stored in the right form, it has no counterparty risk, as do stocks (the company you own shares in could go bankrupt) and bonds (the entity you lend money to could go bankrupt).

Even what most people see as the ultimate security: keeping money in your bank account, has a (considerable) counterparty risk. When you put your money in the bank, in a checking account or in a savings account, you are actually lending your money to the bank. When the bank goes bankrupt you can say goodbye to your money. In some countries, deposits are guaranteed by the government up to a certain value, but governments can also fail and no longer meet their payment obligations.

In that regard, we live in uncertain times. The financial crisis of 2008 taught us this. Financial stability in the world has not improved since then. The amount of debt, both government and private, has continued to rise to unprecedented levels worldwide. In addition, behind the visible world of stock and bond trading on Wall Street and other stock exchanges, there is a huge opaque world of derivatives. No one knows exactly how big this market is, but it is widely believed that it has reached immense proportions in recent decades. Experts agree that this is very dangerous and that this enormous amount of derivatives can destroy the entire financial system, when things go wrong. The great financial crisis of 2008 would probably seem like child's play.

The unprecedented high level of debt in the world, combined with an enormous, shadowy mountain of derivatives, makes the counterparty risk in the times in which we live a lot greater than it used to be. In the event of a major crisis, banks and other financial institutions will pull each other into the abyss and many debts will no longer be able to be paid, including the debt that the bank owes to the private saver, who has his hard-earned money neatly stored in a savings account. For that reason, it is extra important at this time to carefully look at the counterparty risk with every investment that is made.

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